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More Than Friends by Tracy Culleton

Sally's 32, single and panicking, and all of her friends seem to be living in wedded bliss. Her happily married friend Gaby suggests that Sally join a dating agency to find a man.
Originally Sally resists the advice, but eventually comes around to the idea.
And she's so glad she did! Because ...
Alice Next Door by Judi Curtin

Best friends NEED to be together. Don't they?
Poor Megan! Not alone is she stuck with totally uncool parents, and a little sister who is too cute for words, but now her very best friend, Alice, has moved away. Now Megan has to go to school and face the dreaded Melissa all on her own.
The two friends hatch a risky plot to get back together. But can their secret plan work?
It Started with a Wish by Kathy Rodgers

Sophia Jordan was a young woman with a future. She lived in an upmarket apartment with the love of her life Matt and enjoyed a successful career. Her life should have been blissful, but then a series of sinister and unexplained events led her to abandon career, love and home.
Marianne Taylor is a woman with a past. Her days are absorbed in a review of this past and each revisit strengthens her conviction that somebody needs to pay.
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The WWW club by Anita Notaro
Luckily, you're not literally what you eat because otherwise Pam would be a meaty hamburger, Ellie a batter sausage, Maggie a
jam-filled doughnut and Toni a healthy sounding, though very compact, sushi roll. Together they form the WWW Club.
Every woman needs a WWW club in her life - where else would you get to moan about men, sex and cellulite, absorb the nasty details of detoxing or hear how your  latest (killer) accessory has in fact just gone out of fashion - all while scoffing chicken korma and drinking beer without the slightest trace of guilt, fully intending to DEFINITELY start again tomorrow.
The WWW Club - a tale of calories, gossip, laughter, a little romance and the enduring power of female friendship.
Hollow Heart By martina Devlin
In three attempts at in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) Martin Devlin lost nine embryos. But she also lost her marriage and her dreams of becoming a mother. The Hollow Heart describes Devlin's bewilderment at being diagnosed as infertile, the physical and emotional demands of going through IVF and the shattering fall-out when it failed. She also describes how her despair eventually faded, and how she learned to take pleasure in her extended family of nieces and nephews and, as her mother always advised, to count her blessings. "And in enumerating them I am struck by this. Their quantity."

Sex Lies and Fairytales By Kate Thompson
Lottery winner Cleo Dowling is living her dream, running a bookshop in the sleepy village of Kilrowan and larking around with her gorgeous painter husband, Pablo. But the dream turns into a nightmare when Pablo accepts a commission to paint a portrait of a Dublin 4 princess. . .
Bestselling author Pixie Pirelli is a media consultant's delight, running the treadmill of red carpets, chat shows and book signings. But Pixie's big smile masks a hurt so bad she's forced to trade in her glittering career for a quiet life in the sticks. She can run, but she can't hide. . . who is La Londonista - red in tooth and claw - and why is she trying to sabotage Pixie's career?
Sussed city girl Hazel MacNamara has a list of celebrities with ex-directory, top-secret phone numbers in her organizer. Which of these luminaries will dazzle obligingly and make the Kilrowan Arts Festival the must-attend event of the Irish social calendar? Will it be film star Rory McDonagh? Will it be literary diva Colleen? Or will it be - shhh!
Making it up as I go Along by Tara Heavey
My father left us when I was very small , tiny, in fact. All dreams of a tearful reunion were dashed when, a few years later, he was knocked down by a bus. So it does happen in real life. Let's hope he was wearing clean underwear at the time.'
At 31, Liz Clancy is beginning to wonder how long she can blame her absent father for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Her writer's block, her disastrous penchant for older men, even her curly black hair that frizzes in the rain.
Then her discovery of a photograph of her father stops her in her tracks, and she begins to wonder if the answer to her current dilemmas might lie in the past. Seeking out her father's family in the heart of Dublin's inner city, she meets a larger-than-life cast of characters, who regale her with stories of their exotic Spanish ancestry and their direct connection with the Spanish Armada.
Liz is overwhelmed. Could this explain why she is so shamefully drawn to Julio Iglesias, the Gypsy Kings, to flamenco, paella and all things Spanish? With the help of her fortune-telling grandmother, and a handsome blond friend Eric, himself descended from the Vikings, Liz sets off in search of the missing part of herself and to a new, and surprising future.
The Hourglass by Julie Parsons
Beyond high iron gates fastened shut with a length of chain lies stark, beautiful Trawbawn. Here, huanted by a dark past and largely ignored by the people of nearby Skibbereen lives the frail Lydia Beauchamp. But old Ma Beauchamp's private existence is interrupted when a stranger arrives - a young man called Adam, who wander into the gardens of Trawbawn and becomes one of Lydia's most welcome contacts with the outside world. When Lydia sets her new confidant a challenge he accepts - Adam must travel to Dublin to find her estranged daughter. But it is a task tainted by an air of menace. For what terrible past has driven a daughter from her mother. And what true motive lies behind Adam's generous act? Soon the unlikely friends are entwined in a deadly game, and a pursuit born of an old lady's desire for peace mutates into a terrible, relentless need for revenge.
Perfect Moment by Mary Hosty
When Aoife left Larkhaven she had big plans: to be a rich property investor, find mad passionate love and keep a yacht in Puerto Banus.
Now she finds herself back home, living with her sister Berry, instead of over the hills and far away. Her job as a junior estate agent is going nowhere and boyfriend Dermot, although perfectly reliable, is hardly the grand passion of her life.
Life is at an all-time low for Berry too. She is struggling to keep Surf Line (her internet-café-cum-laundrette) afloat, pay for the upkeep of the family home and leave a disastrous love affair where it belongs. Handsome in a dishevelled, troubled kind of way, it’s clear he doesn’t want their company. Could he beguarding a guilty secret?
Meanwhile, their cousin Nathalie has troubles of her own. Taking her employers to court for negligence is nerve-racking enough – it doesn’t help when she falls in love with her barrister, a man far beyond her reach.
Wishful Thinking by Melissa Hill
Every day Rosie Mitchell desperately misses her late husband Martin, but will giving her grown-up children everything they want bring her happiness?
Recently married Dara Campbell, successful solicitor in her mid-30s, has it all but is blinded by memories. Dara can't see that her fantasy is standing in the way of a happy marriage. When faced with a blast from the past she has some tough
decisions to make.
Louise Patterson is only 24 but has had a tough start in life and now she's determined to live for the moment, but will her drive to appear the party girl in the face of mounting debts be her undoing? And are her new friends all they appear to be?
Can these women learn to look forward and accept the good things already in their lives? As the train heads towards Dublin, little do they know that fate has something else in store for them