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www.sarahwebb.info    Sarah's excellent Woman's Way writing column is reproduced on her website

www.tracyculleton.com  Tracy presents a series of well-thought-out and far-reaching articles on writing and shares many of her own experiences on the process of writing and getting published

Be sure to check out the topic 'Writing' on the forum and swop tips and experiences with other writers published and soon-to-be published.

Writing Tips and Links
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Pitch to Publication by Carole Blake
I really can't recommend this book highly enough. Blake, a top literary agent in London, breaks the publishing industry down into easily digestible bitesize pieces, and explains thing like how to go about getting an agent or a publisher, the ins and outs of contracts. A brilliant book not only for writers, but for anyone in the world of books.

Recommended by C Daly
Writers and Artists Yearbook
In its 99th edition, so it must be doing something right!!
A comprehensive listing of agents, publishers, newspapers and magazines and more in the UK and Ireland.
Also some helpful 'how to' columns from well known names.

Recommended by C Daly
Recommended books: 
A blog by Catherine Daly writer of all shook up, a french affair, and charlotte's way.
If you want to write- and that's probably why you're here- then why not do some writing online. In time you can build an income from short pieces published on revenue-sharing websites. It takes a while to build up a readership, and it takes a while before you start to get paid, beccause that's the way adsense works. But there are forums there full of people like you trying to get an income out of writing, and they're supportive and will lead you to many other sites where you can earn. Some examples of sites where you can get published and get paid are:

Infobarrel -write articles an any subject- They like articles of 400 words or more.
Hubpages- Here articles are called hubs and you can write to get an adsense revenue share